The Truth about Valentines Day

The Truth about Valentines Day

In this post, I will expose the truth of Valentine’s Day from society’s expectations and also offer some social commentary on how this day came to be. I’ll look at “The Most Romantic Day Of The Year”s history and consequences as well as discuss my personal view on love.

Valentine’s Day didn’t start off as the “MOST ROMANTIC DAY OF THE YEAR” that it is today. Its original intention was to honor Saint Valentine, a Roman priest who defied an Emperor by marrying young couples in love while the emperor forbade marriage (mainly because he believed that married men wouldn’t join his army). In fact, in 496 A.D., Pope Gelasius I replaced the pagan festival of Lupercalia with a feast honoring Saint Valentine on February 14th. The day was also used to honor other Christian martyrs named Valentine who were eventually “forgotten” and it became more known as a day for romance in the 19th century.

Chocolate began as a religious practice, much like most other things that started out as something else. The Aztecs used cocoa beans as money and took them for their invigorating effects. It was only consumed by the rich and regarded as a special beverage on par with “champagne,” somewhat like how we view ” champagne.”

Chocolate was first advertised on Valentine’s Day to sell sweets. Russell Stover was among the first companies to produce “holiday chocolates.” After that, it grew in popularity enough that other companies began selling them as well.

In Victorian England, the connection with flowers began. Sending Valentine’s Day cards with romantic sentiments became popular during this era. It was not until Hallmark launched their own line of cards in the 1980s that Valentine’s Day became firmly associated with flowers. The custom never died down, and I doubt it will anytime soon. Who doesn’t enjoy getting flowers?

As for my take on love…I believe there are two forms of love: Love at First Sight, and Love That Grows with Time. I think that both kinds of love are equally important and that they should be treated this way. Society, on the other hand, places a higher premium on Love at First Sight than the latter.

People anticipate that Valentine’s Day will be full of chocolates, presents, and flowers. However, the truth is that this day is more about marketing than love itself. The history of this holiday also demonstrates how it has evolved over time to become more commercialized than meaningful/authentic.

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